Jamshid Ahadi

General Manager – Operations/Chartering

Mr. Ahadi has more than 20 years of experience in shipping world. He has a wealth of experience in all areas of shipping: agency, operation, and chartering. Additionally, he has worked for UAE-based shipping companies. He has exclusively been with Blue Gulf since 2002, with satisfactory, well organized interactions with Blue Gulf clients. He deservedly act as the general Manager of the company. ​

A. Daremi

Manager – Dry & Bulk Operations

Mr. Daremi has worked more than 25 years in port operation, and commercial with IRISL. With such long career, and hands-on knowledge of the port, he is very proficient handling different kinds of general, bulk and container ships.

Mr. Ramesh Aflakian

Manager – Tanker Operations

Mr.Aflakian has more than 23 years of experience in many areas of shipping like container, bulk, liquid bulk ships. He rightfully, well regulated and efficiently runs the management of the tanker department of the company since 2007.

Azadeh Rahro (Ms.)

Dry & Bulk Operation Dept

Ms. Rahro is a valued and knowledgeable member of Dry&Bulk Operations with more than 10 years of experience. She assists, and functions efficiently, and accurately in her position.

Ms. Arezoo Almasi

Tanker Operations Dept.

Ms.Almasi has worked over two decades in major governmental, and private agency and operations of liquid bulk carries. Such experience has qualified her for round-a-clock, know-how demanding tanker service.

Mr. Khalil Sanaei

Manager – Finance and Administrations

Mr. Sanaee has served for almost 35 years in IRISL shipping company. He had held several managerial positions as general manager and financial director in IRISL departments and associated companies, such as IMSENCO and Valfajr shipping company, and financial director of IRISL Middle East Dubai.